Sørøya 18-24 July 2019

We are arranging seven days of sea kayaking and hiking on one of Norway`s most beautiful islands, Sørøya in Finnmark.

This island is located 70° degrees north and is further north than most of Siberia. We will be exploring almost as far north as one can get in Norway.

The island has a population of about 1100 people. The highest point on the island is the 659-metre (2,162 ft) tall mountain Komagaksla on the southern shore of the island. The coastline is very jagged and has numerous fjords that cut inland from the open ocean. The island is surrounded by the Norwegian Sea on the north and the Sørøysundet strait to the south. Across the Sørøysundet to the south are three large islands: Stjernøya, Seiland and Kvaløya. The island of Sørøya has no bridge or tunnel access, only a regular ferry route from the village of Hasvik to the village of Øksfjord on the mainland. Hasvik Airport is located on the southern tip of the island.

The island has a unique geology with many caves and features such as this pillar.

Most settlements on the island are along the southwestern shore in Hasvik, but there are scattered settlements in other areas of the island as well.

We will have our basecamp just outside the village of Sørvær at the south western corner of the island. In our basecamp you will stay in our large basecamp tents (Helsport Varanger Dome 8-10). These tents have standing height and are very spacious for two participants. If you prefer to stay in a single tent alone, we can offer large tents without standing height. We will arrange for you to be sharing a tent with someone of the same sex.

We have access to drinking water and toilets. We even have our own camp shower outside. The amenities are simple yet functional and this is reflected in the price.

Click here to see a video from our exploratory trip in 2018.

Dates: 18-24 July
Price: 7900
Participants: 8

Send an email to info@kajakknord.no for signing up or if you have any questions. Alternatively give us a call on +47 980 52 748.

One of the larger caves we will explore in our kayaks.

The following is included:
– Accommodation in basecamp style tents
– Tents to sleep in during overnight sea kayaking or hiking trips
– Sea kayak and paddle
– Two guides with local knowledge of the coastline and mountains
– Pickup and delivery at airport or ferry in Hasvik, Sørøya

We will provide gas stoves, pots and skillets (frying pans) for you to cook your meals in and out outside of basecamp. We will coordinate cooking of dinners in basecamp, ie. dinners will, to the extent it is possible, be made by the guides and participants. The participants will buy their own food in the nearby village.

What will you experience?
The island is remote and exposed. Depending upon what the conditions allow, we will be paddling to nature reserves with bird and seal colonies. We aim to take you to the exposed outer side of the island where we will be camping at a remote beach (Nordsandfjorden). The island is littered with sea and land caves and we will be paddling into some of the largest caves we`ve seen. Some of the land caves have local history related to WWII. There are whales in the waters off this island and chances are we will see seals and whales. The bird life is extremely rich and one of the bird colonies we will visit (Andotten Nature Reserve), has an amazing bird colony with thousands of birds.

The conditions will dictate what we will do. July is, however, typically a calm month on the sea. Some of the places we might visit on land is Finnmarks largest beach (Sørsandfjorden).

The midnight sun will be shining during our stay at Sørøya. Although the sun has alread set further south, this far up north the sun is still up 24 hours a day.

The exposed outer side of the island offers some raw and stunning coastal scenery.

What is required of you?
We require that you have passed a 3 star sea kayak course (ISKGA Fundamentals III, teknikkurs from NPF, 3 star BCU or equivalent). Alternatively you must have sufficient experience to paddle in 3 star conditions (1,25 meter waves, 8 m/s wind). Furthermore you must know how to land a sea kayak in surf so some surfing experience will be essential. There may be surf conditions on our landing beaches and surf zones are relatively high risk areas.

We also ask that you are a contributing member of the group. We need all the members of the group to contribute where they can, whether at sea or on land. We will be isolated and it’s therefore important that everyone assist each other whenever possible.

Lastly, the conditions can be rough. If we deem the conditions too demanding we will go for our plan B. You must however be prepared and able to paddle and camp under rough conditions; high winds and big waves.

By joining this trip you accept our terms for participation. You can read about them by clicking on this link.

The island has lots of hidden gems only accessible from the sea.

What equipment do you need to bring?
Dry suit
Safety west
Neoprene mittens or gloves for paddling
Neoprene hood for kayaking
Warm clothing, waterproof jacket
Hiking shoes or boots
Sleeping mat and sleeping bag
A hat to protect yourself from the sun
A backpack for daytrips
Drybags for all your kit in a sea kayak
Personal hygiene kit
Cutlery and a plate to eat from
Whatever else you require to be comfortable for 5 days in a basecamp and camping in the wild

We will explore nature reserves and areas with unique geology.

Who are the guides?
Kristoffer Vandbakk from Kajakk Nord, ISKGA Coastal Guide, 5 star guide and coach (NPF 5, BC 4 Leader). Kristoffer has 6 years of experience as a sea kayak guide and coach. He has lead multiple guided trips all over Norway from Lindesnes to Senja. He guides exposed sea kayak expeditions in Lofoten every year. He is a trained Wilderness First Responder (REC5) and has incident management experience in remote areas.

Kjell Jonsson from Fjellboms. A mountain and sea kayak guide and coach, Kjell has a former career from the Norwegian military. He now runs his own guiding company and has extensive experience from coaching and guiding in mountains in Norway.

Some of the basecamp tents you will be staying in

How will you travel to Sørøya?
Sørøya has an airport and ferry station in Hasvik, a 40 minutes drive from our basecamp. The ferry station has connections to Øksfjord and Alta.

We recommend that you fly in to Hasvik. See here for flights from Oslo to Hasvik on the relevant dates for this trip.

Environmental considerations:
We like the term “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs”. We will bring out all garbage with us. Campfires will be made on a bed of rocks to leave no trace. We will bring a small shovel to to dig small holes and cover any human waste.

Travel insurance is always recommended. You are responsible for having the appropriate accident and travel insurance for sea kayaking on a remote coastline for several days. Call your insurance agency if in doubt. We recommend booking a return flight from Hasvik, Sørøya which includes cancellation insurance.